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In Praise of Wasps – This excellent piece by Beatriz Moisett provides a very succinct explanation of the importance of wasps to the environment.  Yes, some do sting, but without wasps other insect pests could get out of control.

Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens – Check out this site for excellent information on insects and building landscapes that are attractive to look at and provide habitat for a variety of creatures.

Discover Life – This very cool site is your portal to all living things!  Curious about a butterfly you saw?  Or a beetle?  You can probably find it or a similar species.  It is a bit complicated to use, but once you start to use it, you can drill down and find what you want.  Click on the group of animals that you want to identify. Then start checking the characteristics that you see.  Then click Compare Images.  The trick with this site is to use the “Simplify” button when you get too many choices.

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