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Teachers, These links take you to the slide show with notes and to a simple slide show of

Freddy Squirrel

Freddy Squirrel says there is a bug in his blossom!

the book, There’s a Bug in my Blossom.  Please download and share freely with other educators.  It is a joy to bring nature into the classroom and then stimulate interest in getting outside.

There are three links available for download.  The first is a PDF of the book.  The second is a standard PowerPoint program (PPTX) with notes page.  The third link is the slide show mode for the book that allows you to open the slide show without having PowerPoint.  The slide show (PPS) version is just the picture portion of the book.   You will need to download either the PDF version or the PPTX version to have the detail needed to explain the pictures.

Please feel free to send comments or suggestions at any time. Happy reading!  JC Donaho

There’s a Bug in My Blossom – PDF version

There’s a Bug in my Blossom – PPTX version with notes pages

There’s a Bug in my Blossom – PPS version


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