Endangered cricket rediscovered by insect expert’s 7 year old son..

Endangered cricket rediscovered by insect expert’s 7 year old son..

This story about the endangered Scaly Crickets on the beaches at Pembrookshire in the United Kingdom is a lot of fun. I believe kids have an advantage when it comes to seeing things.  Adults tend to take a broader view.  I know I do.  Kids look at a scene and can break it down into segments.  And within those segments they can see details that we adults miss.  I’m trying to regain that skill now as an adult. But I find that I still miss a lot until I take a photo and zoom in on it with the computer. Then I see all that I missed in the initial scan. I could attribute missing details to older eyes, but I believe there is more to it than that.

After raising four of my own, there is no doubt that kids are very perceptive and observant.  Can I as an adult regain that wide eyed vision of a child? I sure hope so.  I’m working on it.

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